BEITER PIN NOCKS #1 / #2 color variants

BEITER PIN NOCKS #1 / #2 color variants


Werner Beiter has invented the Asymmetric Nock! Not only: he was the first, that was able to produce specific nocks in different shapes for most arrows on the market!

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He developed Insert-Nocks, Outnocks, InOut-Nocks and PinOut-Nocks, to be used directly in or on shafts or on Bushings or Pins. Now Werner Beiter introduces the first Asymmetric Pin Nock, to complete the product line. The Beiter Pin-Nock is available in the Beiter patented ASYMMETRIC version, as well as in the SYMMETRIC version, for Compound archers using a D-Loop. Pay attention that the Beiter Logo should face on top of the nock while shooting!


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red, green, heavy yellow, neon yellow, orange, heavy orange, blue, heavy blue, sky blue, dark blue, dark green, heavy green, black, white, purple, candy pink, clear

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